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        How long does an electric toothbrush take to charge

        editor:miss wang   popularity: posted time:[2020/12/10]

        Electric toothbrush generally USES wireless charging technology, so the charging time is longer, generally need at least a few hours, then the electric toothbrush can be charged for a long time.

        Electric toothbrushes, many varieties and so on the charging time and working time is not the same, but in general will still maintain a relatively average time, now the fire electric toothbrush is the PHILIPS and dental nurse electric toothbrush, took dental nurse electric toothbrush, dental nurse electric toothbrushes, charging time is about 10 hours, according to use twice a day, a two minutes time brushing your teeth, because the battery power will be lost over time, but the motor technologies used in dental nurse electric toothbrush is better, vibration is stable, so the electric toothbrush can use more than 60 days after a full! For short trips, there's no need to pack a charger. After brushing your teeth, for convenience, you can directly put the electric toothbrush on the charging base to charge it. After being fully charged, you can directly cut off the power without worrying about overcharging the electric toothbrush.

        Other electric toothbrushes on the market have different charging periods:

        Some of them are charged for about 12 hours and can be used for half a month after being filled.

        Some parts are quick charging, which takes about 6 hours and can be used for half a month after full charge.

        Some are not charged, plugged in for how long;

        Specific situation needs to consult business customer service.