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        How to choose an electric toothbrush

        editor:miss wang   popularity: posted time:[2020/12/10]

        Many friends want to know, how to choose an electric toothbrush? How to choose electric toothbrush? Today, let the small micro electric toothbrush factory to tell you!

        How to choose a good electric toothbrush?

        1. Vibration frequency

        For adults, the frequency of sound waves is 32,000 to 40,000 times per minute. Most electric toothbrushes have several vibration frequency switches. Most of them are in this range. The standard is 32,000 times per minute per day; The floating frequency of 37000-40000 times/min has the effect similar to massage, promoting oral blood circulation and enhancing metabolism; Finally, the whitening mode for cleaning stubborn stains and plaque is 40,000 times per minute.

        The cleaning ability below this frequency is not up to the standard, which indirectly indicates that the manufacturer is not skilled enough, and too high a frequency will cause damage to everyone's teeth and gums, which indicates that the manufacturer is obviously ill-motivated and misleading consumers with high frequency. And the current technology can only support these frequencies. If you see some electric toothbrushes with 50,000, 60,000, 70,000 vibrations per minute or even higher. Decisive can judge this is a XXXX manufacturer.

        Compared to adults, electric toothbrushes vibrate with a variety of frequencies. Fixed at 15,000 cycles per minute. Because children's mouth is more sensitive and soft. Can not withstand too high vibration frequency, if the purchase of too high frequency, but will hurt the children's gums and teeth, even cause the press loose, teeth fall out.

        Some of the big brands you can look at, children's electric toothbrushes vibrate at the same rate as adults, and 15,000 times per minute vibrate at the more ground end of the product is a misconception that the higher the frequency, the more expensive it is. In fact, the vibration frequency is the basis of an electric toothbrush, in the above article a little let a person sigh unceasingly, should do is how to choose the most suitable for consumer use vibration frequency Settings gear, rather than play marketing creativity.

        Brush head and bristles

        Bristles can be divided into ordinary nylon bristles and dupont nylon bristles. The quality of bristles determines the comfortable experience when you brush your teeth and one of the key points to clean your mouth.

        See a product simply normal, this is one of the points, ordinary nylon brush multifarious, jumble, do not know who do, which do, what material to do. Dupont brush is a well-known foreign brand, a long history. Their bristles are the most popular in the toothbrush. Because of the quality of the products and excellent reputation.

        Brush head this thing, divided into ordinary material and food grade material. After all, it's what you put in your mouth. Mix with water, toothpaste, etc. How to choose is self-evident.

        3. Manufacturing process

        Some electric toothbrush in the appearance design is too fancy, this thing is used for brushing teeth, not to be used as decorations, choose an electric toothbrush is the first line, brush head, brush handle length, width and height, a reasonable design of electric toothbrush in use more convenient, more convenient when brushing teeth. This specific data said everybody also is impossible when buying quantity, want to feel its design roughly only contracted and relaxed, the size of brush head suits him. In fact, most of the business design is the same. The only difference is the bad business.

        Finally is waterproof, a waterproof high quality electric toothbrush, its life is far more than poor quality toothbrush, the longer you use it, the lower the consumer cost. When buying the best choose and buy integrated design, through induction type charging, the movement, battery and so on capsule inside. Greatly increased waterproof performance, waterproof grade up to IPX7, as long as you do not drop it into the water for 3-5 minutes, toothbrush body no matter how you wash it. And some waterproof barely reach IPX7 or 6, perhaps not its waterproof design is good, just in the waterproof part added a ring of waterproof belt "life ring", can also play a waterproof role, but that ring like rubber waterproof belt is very easy to breed bacteria, produce mold spot.

        4. Brand

        The only difference between domestic and foreign brands is that foreign brands take longer to develop, and they can have plenty of time to derive many exclusive cleaning functions, but not necessarily for everyone.

        And domestic electric toothbrush, in daily cleaning care is not inferior to the big foreign brands.

        Price of 5.

        The mid-end price of electric toothbrush of foreign brands is 300-600, and the high-end price is over 1000 yuan

        Domestic brand 200-500 electric toothbrush, the most cost-effective has entered the category of high-end electric toothbrush abroad. Complete second kill foreign end products.

        If there is not too much pursuit for the high 13 grids and more derivative functions, choose a domestic mid-end electric toothbrush is the best.